Years ago when first starting at The National Theatre drama school in my home town of Melbourne, Australia…I had a thought; WHAT IF I could be an international actress? IMAGINE. What if I could perform in LA, London, Paris, New York, the world over – in film, in television, in theatre, writing my own work, collaborating… The vision was and is huge, but I believe in dream chasing,  I believe in challenging yourself and expecting the unexpected.

So my journey began…

For the past four years, up until 2 months ago, I’ve been living and working in London as an actress in theatre and film – though let me tell you MANY other roles have been played offstage to  fill in the gaps between acting gigs. I’ve worked at a circus, as a spruiker, a host, an event manager, a nanny, a carer, a caterer, a leaflet distributer(barrel of laughs that last one), a waitress, a massage therapist (fielding regular calls about happy endings and body to body services – gross), a mystery shopper, a nightclub door bitch and sometimes I’ve worn three different job hats a day.

I’ve been lucky. Like Charlie Bucket in Charlie and The Chocolate Factory is how I describe it. I’ve got a golden ticket. An EU passport thanks to my gorgeous (now deceased) father and his Czech heritage.  A gift not to be sneezed at.

5 months ago I obtained my O1 artist visa; allowing me to live and work in the USA…and here I am. Kaboom! In LA. West Hollywood to be precise; staying with a friend as I type. I’m feeling open and ready for this next chapter. Tired from drinking too much rum at the Superbowl celebrations yesterday. Anxious to get everything organised. Overwhelmed by this new life and the reams of foreign information and culture that comes with it. READY to become an Aussie actress working in the USA (:

It is high noon in the garden of now.

Watch this space.




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