I come from a land down under. The magnificent city of Melbourne, Australia.

I sometimes dream of being a rapper. I write lyrics and recently bought a thick gold chain from a flea market in Amsterdam…so I’m halfway there.

I’m interested in life, people, performance, acting, music, stories, camping, campfires, nature, swimming, sunshine, movies, dancing, socialising, seeing the sun rise and set, learning, hugging, kissing, singing, smiling, laughing till I cry, yoga, snowboarding, eating – bacon, Japanese, Mexican, Caesar salad, Thai beef salad, the list goes on, food and cooking generally, imagining, writing, ambition, soul searching, travelling, talking, philosophising, divine intervention, colliding worlds, gardening, seeing vegetables grow, festivals, learning, meeting new people, reading, sleeping, fashion, family, love.

I hope there’s something here in my blog that tickles your fancy, makes you smile or relates to you and your journey.

Thanks for stopping by xxx


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