The Next Step

3rd of February, 2012

There’s some strange far off sound, an annoying cricket like chirping, beeping, electronic cheeping. Oh Jesus, it’s my alarm! What a hideous noise to start the day. Then there’s another sound, a more tribal like drumming. I look at my recently purchased phone – an incoming call. ‘Hi this is Nikki about the Favera apartments in Korea Town. You left me a message’. Deep in the heart of Korea town I’ve discovered block after block of stunning 1920’s and 30’s repainted and refurbished blocks, all leasing, and all calling my name. Although I think it’s too early to be getting my own apartment or even something unfurnished, it doesn’t hurt to enquire! Something for the future perhaps?

My entire worldly possessions this side of the globe are sitting in 3 large boxes at a LA shipping port having arrived from London, and will soon need to be delivered to an address. I’ve made a decision in the past couple of days. I’m moving to Korea town to live with the Russian, Yank, Brit actor and Chinese girl. Despite a reservation or two, the need to start my own life is overwhelming and this is a good beginning. One big decision made, one huge hurdle jumped.

I’m up and racing! Today is going to be productive and NOT about house hunting. I go for a run through Weho (West Hollywood). I am not the greatest fan of running, so this amounts to more of an upbeat shuffle. I pass a man complete with a great big bushy moustache, a long mane of soft blonde, rock star like hair and a yellow terry towelling head sweat band. Mmmm sexy. He’s striding along the pavement (probably listening to some 80’s classics) and makes me giggle. I pass a big mural (LA has got lots of these) reading ‘Life is Beautiful’ on the side of a derelict and abandoned 10 storey warehouse and I think, well yes, yes it is. I wonder if they have squatters living up there? I wonder if squatting exists here, in the same magical way it does in London?

Then, I find the 99 cent store. Boom! With my short-lived morning run now over, I gain great joy in perusing kitchen implements, shampoo, vegetables, Valentines Day paraphernalia and hundreds of bags of candy. I have a thing for supermarkets, and a thing for bargains. This scenario reads bliss. I pick up a few pieces and then head across the road to Target. Man, Target is the bomb! I buy an Aztec bikini, a tie die dress and 3 different coloured towels, all in my mind, before heading to Rite Aid, the pharmacy. I don’t need anything specifically, it’s all part of discovering my surroundings and which shops provide what type thing. I find instant amusement in the alcohol aisle (in the pharmacy) right next to where you can get your prescription filled. Marvellous. A bottle of vodka as a side to my Valium please. God bless America! Then further exploration at Beverage World. The wine selection is never-ending; complete with a dazzling centrepiece – a multi tiered wonder of cured meat, cheese crackers, crisps, pork rind. It’s way too much visual stimulation! A little drool rolls from the corner of my mouth, my knees become suddenly weak, I have to leave.

Once home I chuck a load of washing on and head round the corner to get a burrito. Sweet. I love Mexican food and boy oh boy am I in the right city for that. Whilst there I scribe a loving message on a ginormous Valentine’s day card for my Mum, then head home to start working on my acting resume and the like.